Accommodation Booking 

1.1 Your accommodation has been booked and reserved by UK STAY LTD trading as SIMPLE STUDY of 3 Farmer Road, London, E10 5DL Company Registered in England and Wales, 05519452 herein after refered to as 'Company'

1.2 All students must fill in the application form and provide the following details: Name, surname, e-mail address, Next of Kin, address in home country, telephone and fax numbers. Student also must decide what accommodation they wish to book. This information will held according to company's privacy policy.

1.3 Bookings have to be made in accordance to the services currently offered by the Company.

1.4 All bookings are only valid for the person they were originally intended and are not transferable.

1.5 Accommodation booking requirements may be changed subject to advance notice from the student and is subject to availability and at Company’s discretion.

1.6 Accommodation booking fee is applicable in all cases and is payable only once.

1.7 Bookings can be made in blocks of weeks. Bookings on the daily basis can also be made, however these are to be confirmed with the Company prior to booking. These are subject to availability and are accepted at the discretion of the Company.

1.8 The Company will make every effort to meet the student’s requirements. It is more likely that the student’s requests can be met in full if the student gives us appropriate notice stated below.

1.9 The Company can only arrange accommodation that is available to it at any given time.

2. Payments 

2.1 Once a student has booked accommodation we will issue an invoice.

2.2 Accommmodation must be paid in full prior to arrival.

2.3 Accommodation is provided subject to full payment from you, your agent or school.

2.4 Booking fee is payable only once. Should the accommodation change occur, a student will not need to pay the booking fee again.

2.5 Students are responsible for all bank charges when they transfer money to the Company

2.6 Please note that by making a payment you agree to these terms and conditions

2.7 Bookings can only be guaranteed after payment has reached our bank account. We reserve the right to cancel any booking for which we have not received payment by the due date.

3. Documents 

3.1 Once the company has received the payment, a student will be issued confirmation of address.

3.2 Visa students may request for Provisional Address Confirmation to be issued. In this instance students will need to give required notice to book exact accommodation address after they have received a visa.

3.3 The confirmation letter states your address and the dates your accommodation has been reserved and this constitutes notice

4. Complaints

4.1 We take comlaints seriously. In an unlikely event that you are not happy with your accommodation, you should contat us as soon as possible. If necessary we will move you to alternative accommodation.

4.2 Should the student wish to move out due to a complaint, he/she should always contact the Company first so that an alternative accommodation can be offered.

4.3 Students should not move out of accommodation without prior consent of Simple Study. Simple Study will not be responsible for the payment of fees for hotel stays or accommodation not booked by us in the event that you choose not to stay in the booked accommodation, for any reason. 

4.4 The alternative accommodation offered will be similar or the same as the accommodation that the student has initially requested.

5. Required Notice

5.1 We require 2 weeks notice (4 weeks in July and August) to book, change, or cancel your accommodation if your stay is booked in Homestay, Private Home Accommodation or Student House Accommodation.

5.2 We require 2 weeks notice (4 weeks in July and August) to book Halls of Residence accommodation. We require 4 weeks notice to change, or cancel your accommodation if your stay is booked in the Halls of Residence.

5.3 A student can extend his/her stay upon arrival however it may not be always possible to stay in the same house/room/accommdation/family.Where extension at the same accommodation is not possible, Simple Study will always endeavour to find accommodation of similar type.

5.3 Any extensions are always subject to availability. Any extensions of stay must be booked and paid for 2 weeks before the end of your stay.

5.3 If you have extended your stay at the accommodation, cancellation notice will be required as per section 5.1 and 5.2.

5.5 Notice period for visa students begins when the student has received visa and has notified Simple Study in writing.

5.6 Notice period for non visa students begin when the payment has reached Simple Study and the student has notified Simple Study in writing, or whichever is latter.

6. Cancellations and Refunds 

6.1 Accommodation booked may only be cancelled in the blocks of weeks.

6.2 Booking Fee is non-refundable in all cases.

6.3 If you do not go to your accommodation within 3 days of the accommodation start date, your accommodation will be cancelled.

6.4 If you have to cut short your stay, accommodation charges, once paid for are not refundable. In the case of your accommodation being unsuitable, the company will endeavor to supply you with a suitable alternative.

6.5 Should the student be refused a visa upon arrival and accommodation address has already been confirmed – 1st week's payment and a booking fee will be forfeit. That is on the condition that a student notifies the agency within 3 days of refusal. Should the student fail to notify the agency of the refusal of visa, and agency will then forfeit the 2nd week payment as well. The student must provide written proof in the form of a refusal letter from the British immigration authorities and the original Accommodation booking letter.

6.6 If an accommodation address and starting date has not yet been confirmed (Provisional Accommodation Address) and a student is refused a visa, the agency will refund all the fees less the accommodation-booking fee, which is non-refundable. The student must provide written proof in the form of a refusal letter from the British immigration authorities and the original Accommodation booking letter. In this case no notice is required.

6.7 If the student cancels his/her accommodation at least 2 weeks before it starts, we will refund all fees paid less an administration charge. If the student has received an entry clearance to UK, no refund will be issued.

6.8 In cases of cancellations the student must provide a written notice of cancellation at least two weeks before the start of their tenancy. If a student has not received a visa, or if the student does not need visa and a 2 weeks notice has been given an agency will issue a full refund less the accommodation booking fee.

6.9 All changes to the accommodation booking must be made two weeks in advance (4 in the summer) 

6.10 In cases of visa refusal a letter from the Home Office, Immigration Offices or other authorised British Authorities will be required as to confirm the refusal of entry clearance.

6.11 Should the student move out of accommodation without informing the Company, no refund will be issued. If the student decides that accommodation does not meet their requirements the Company should be informed immediately so that alternative accommodation can be offered. If the student rejects the alternative accommodation offered by the Company no refund will be issued. An alternative accommodation offered will be of the same/similar type and board as the initial accommodation booking.

6.12 Refunds for Airport transfer will be issued only if the Company or its contractors have failed to pick the student up for any reason.

6.13 Refunds for Airport transfer will not be issued if 1 week's notice is not given when cancelling the service, or if details given by the School were not correct, such as: date of pick up, flight number, airport, name of the student, location of pick up etc.

6.14 All approved refunds will be ready within 2 weeks from the submission of all necessary documents.

6.15 If no valid reason can be given for refusal of accommodation the Company will retain all the fees for the booking.

6.16 In the event of non-fulfilment of its obligations the Company shall refund any outstanding amount to the student within 10 working days of the receipt of the student's request in writing for refund in respect to such non-fulfilment. In any such event the booking fee and the used stay fees will not be included in the refunded amount.

6.17 The decision of the Company and it's management will be final.

7. Behaviour 

7.1 Our accommodation providers and Simple Study representatives will treat you with courtesy and respect. Our Students are expected to behave in a respectful and orderly manner towards their fellow students, housemates and accommodation providers. Subject to non compliance of this clause, students may be evicted from accommodation without notice and without refund. 

8. Our Accommodation

8.1 All all our accommodation is inspected prior to placement of any students. Accommodations are then regularly inspected to ensure that accommodation standards are continuously met.

8.2 Accommodation offered may sometimes be provided by 3rd Parties that is approved by Simple Study. Accommodation will be of same standard as accommodation provided by Simple Study.

9. Liability

9.1 the Company shall not be liable to the Studnet for any loss or damage to the Student's property while staying at accommodation arranged or booked by Simple Study nor for any personal injury (unless occassioned by negligence on the part of Simple Study)

9.2 the Company is not responsible for safekeeping or delivery to the student of any package, port, fax, or e-mail whilst staying at the accommodation booked or arranged by Simple Study or after such stay has ceased.

10. Consequential Loss

10.1 The Company's liability to the Student, where proven, will be limited to a refund of any fees paid by the Student to the Company, less any time stayed at the accommodation, or to be stayed at the accommodationa nd will not include any additional losses that may be occassioned to the student (such as cost of travel, cost of relocation etc)

11. Force Majeur

11.1 The Company's shall not be deemed to be in default of any of its obligations to the extent that the performance of its obligations are prevented or hindered
by any act of God, Government, fire, natural disaster, epidemic, power or water failure, or any other matter outside the direct control of the Company.

12. Jurisdiction

12.1 The Company's shall not be deemed to be in default of any of its obligations to the extent that the performance of its obligations are prevented or hindered.

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