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Hosting foreign students is an amazing experience and it is also a great way of increasing your income by renting out your spare room.

So if you have decided that you would like to have a guest in your house, either occasionally or throughout a year, then you should certainly give it a try. You can stop hosting whenever you wish to and start again when you feel like it. We are busy all year round and we are constantly looking for friendly families that would like to host students from abroad. Our students are adults and are independant.

Registering on our books is completely FREE and we will always respect your home and demand that anyone we send to you does exactly the same.

We hope to hear from you soon!

  • Anyone can become a host and we welcome diverse homestays as we have students with different requirements from different backgrounds
    So if you reside in London and you have a reasonably sized spare room, you can be a host
    • A couple with children
    • A couple without children
    • A gay couple with/without children
    • A single parent
    • A single person
    Our hosts will be expected to:
    • Be welcoming and caring
    • Be open-minded to different cultures
    • Have English as the main language spoken at home
    You can choose to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to students. You can also let them cook their own meals. It is completely up to you!
    You can start and stop hosting when you like giving you complete control of who you have stay at your home, when and on what basis.
  • If you are interested to become a host or you would like more information on becoming a host please fill in a registration form below

    If your property's location is suitable for our students, we will get in touch to arrange a date/time for a member of our team to come and visit you so that we can see the room you wish to offer to our students. Once your registration was complete the following booking procedure will apply:

    • We will contact you when we have a guest that is looking for the type of accommodation that you provide
    • We will provide you with the following information: nationality, age, board and type of accommodation the student wishes to book
    • Should you not wish to host the student for whatever reason, it is entirely up to you to refuse to host a guest 
    • If you decide to host this student, we will then send you a full confirmation by e-mail which will include the payment details that we will owe you
    • Once the student is confirmed with you, we will expect the hosts to honor the agreement
    • Your address and contact details will then be issued to a guest that is confirmed and only once the full payment for the accommodation was made
    • The student will then get in touch with you to arrange their arrival time
    • Should you have any issues, or be uncomfortable with the guest, we will remove the guest and offer them alternative accommodation
  • Most of these students will be arriving from abroad and you will be their first contact in the UK, therefore friendliness, ability to provide a warm welcome and understanding is a must! Besides that, the room that is offered to students has to comply with British Council requirements and therefore must have:
    • A comfortable bedroom with a full-size bed, a desk and a chair, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a bedside light and adequate heating and ventilation

    Guests also should:

    • have access to communal areas of the house
    • be treated as a part of your family
    • always have access to WC and to make coffee and tea
    • be given their own front door key as they are all adults
    • be allowed to use washing machine facilities at least once a week
    • have clean bed linen provided when they arrive and have it changed weekly
  • Our rates are based on many things including:
    • The area of where your home is based
    • How easy it is to get to public transport
    • Which London zone it is based 
    • The size of the room
    • How comfortably it is furnished
    • The standard and availability of facilities
    • The board of accommodation
    Our prices are based on individual basis and we will be able to confirm the rates only after we have come to meet you.
    If you have a rate in mind, please note it on the application form that will be sent to you with the Host Family Pack.


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