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Accommodation is one of the most important factors for a student who intends to come and study English from abroad. 


Affordable accommodation is crucial for most students selecting a language school. Incexpensive accommodation in London is difficult to find, and our prices are one of the most competetive ones in London. Meaning, you as a school, get competetive advantage by using SimpleStudy.

Accommodation Standard

We work with British Council accredited schools and our hosts are recruited based on BC standard and requirements. We also have recentely received exceeding expectations from ISI as a result of the school inspection that we are an exclusive accommodation departement for.

Our Service

At SimpleStudy we understand this, and therefore we always ensure that our host families are very carefully selected, our staff is fully trained, and students' interests are always our main priority.

Simple Study works with a number of schools as an Emergency Accommodation Provider or External Accommodation Department which means that we are at your beck and call whenever you require accommodation.

  • Help with your accommodation department during the ISI inspection or British Council
  • Provide you with trained and experienced accommodation officers during emergency or busy periods
  • Group Accommodation and Group Handling Service
  • 24 Hour Emergency Accommodation
  • External Accommodation Department

For non oblogatory meeting or for more information, please feel free to get in touch!


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